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Gains and advantages

  • Improvement of heat transfer and intensification of bubble evaporation
  • Careful removal of existing deposits and minimization of new buildup thereof
  • Protection of the entire water/steam system against general and local corrosion (stress corrosion cracking)
  • Reduction of erosion corrosion and drop impingement erosion
  • Preservation of the plants
  • Protection against standstill corrosion at filled, partly empty and emptied state
  • Economic and ecological due to low usage of chemicals
Water drops

Product features

ODACON® is specially developed for treatment of water and water/steam cycles. The products are aqueous emulsions of saturated alkylamines having a chain length of > C15. For the preparation of the emulsions, no additives are required, so the emulsions are pure products. For this reason, ODACON® is also approved for use in nuclear facilities. The entire system, including steam and condensate lines as well as steam consumers, are protected due to the steam volatility of the active substance.

The direct contact with ODACON®-containing steam is defined in the “Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Volume 3 and 4, Parts 170 to 299” dated April 1997: for surgical instruments sterilization purposes up to 2.4 mg/l as well as in the food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry up to 3 mg/l. Since ODACON® does not contain any admixtures of phosphate, hydrazine or similar products, it does not contribute to the buildup of salt in boiler water or circulatory water. The ODACON® products are not hazardous substances in the sense of current legislation. They are safe for indirect discharge into receiving waters of sewage treatment plants. They are minimally dissolved in wastewater, the excess can be filtered off.

Product features

Mode of action

The surfactant octadecylamine contained in the emulsion acts in the phase boundaries of the systems increasing pH-value, dispersing and lowering the surface tension of water.

Regardless of the properties and quality of the medium (water, steam), a few nanometers thin protective layer is built up on the material surface which is resistant to the components normally present in water steam cycles. Due to the buildup of a uniform potential level, different materials are also protected against electrochemical corrosion. In case of a shutdown, the protective layer is retained and forms a diffusion-inhibiting, hydrophobic surface layer. During adsorption, chlorides or similar pollutants are removed from surface and columns. The released ions are bound and can be removed with the blowdown water. The surface tension of water is reduced by adding ODACON®. On the one hand, the bubble frequency is increased during evaporation. On the other hand, the diameters of the water droplets are reduced during condensation and their flow behavior within the wet steam area is thus optimized. Moreover, due to its interfacial activity, the active agent accumulates at the phase boundaries and the surface of water droplets in the 2-phase region and increases the pH value directly at the component or droplet surface. All this contributes effectively to the reduction of erosion in one and two phase regions.

Mode of action
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