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Boiler Water service

Boiler water service


No matter whether it is a high-speed steam generator, a shell boiler or an industrial power plant, we offer a range of products and services adapted to every plant size. We not only supply the chemicals but also support our customers during commissioning, optimisation of the chemical operation and carry out a regular check of the dosing as well as the water values.

With our ODACON products and supplementary conditioning agents, we create an individual concept for boiler water treatment for our customers.

ODACON - Corrosion inhibitor based on film-forming amines.

ODACON products for boiler water treatment effectively protect the entire steam boiler plant, including feed water tank, steam and condensate system, and the connected consumers against corrosion and deposits. As a rule, additional alkalisation is not necessary. As a result, water and energy losses due to blowdown and desalination are reduced.

Alkalising agent - pH value adjustment in boiler water and steam

Especially when using desalinated feed water, it is necessary to adjust the pH value in the boiler water and steam. We offer suitable volatile and non-volatile alkalising agents for every application.

Complexing agent - Antiscalant for online boiler cleaning

During operation, depending on the water quality, deposits can form, especially on the surfaces exposed to heat. These hinder the heat transfer, reduce the efficiency of the system and can lead to damage. Depending on the coating composition and thickness, these can be removed by using boiler stone counteractants during operation. If the deposits are too heavy, they can only be removed by pickling the boiler. We advise you on the selection of the most suitable process and carry out the pickling.


Water is used everywhere as a heat transfer medium, both in the extensive networks of municipal utilities and in the heating systems of commercial and residential properties. In conjunction with the existing mixed installations, inadequate monitoring and treatment will lead to corrosion and the formation of deposits, which will reduce the efficiency of the system. To counteract this, we offer our analysis service and, based on this, an individual treatment strategy or cleaning measures.

Starting with the suitable plant filling with mobile softening or desalination plants, the treatment of the filling water during operation and the cleaning of heat exchangers up to the regular control of the circulation water, we support our customers in maintaining the value of their plant.

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