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Power plant service

Power Plant Service

As a specialist company for boiler and feed water treatment, we specialise in applying film-forming amines. With our ODACON® technologies and our experienced service team, we support our customers throughout the entire life cycle of the power plant. Our services include:

  • Boiling out and blowing out boiler systems
  • Preservation of plants for short and long term shutdowns
  • Cleaning of turbines, heat exchangers, etc.

The advantages of our ODACON® technologies are

  • the reduction of commissioning times
  • the low consumption of chemicals, water and energy
  • excellent corrosion protection during operation as well as for short and long term shutdowns


When boiling out with ODACON®, rust film and loose iron oxide layers are dissolved, dust and fine-grained sand are suspended, and oils and greases are emulsified, just as with alkaline boiling out.

The rolling and annealing scale remains predominantly intact and is integrated into the forming protective layer in the course of the subsequent operation. Therefore, the surfaces are not metallic bright stained.

The procedure follows the specifications of VGB Guideline R513 for weak alkaline boiling. Boiling is thus possible in parallel with the dry heating program. The exact sequence plan is created individually for the respective plant characteristics and is based on the time specifications, the filling water quality and temperature, and the technical data of the boiler plant.

Advantages of boiling out with ODACON®

  • the high cleaning effect even with neutral pH-value
  • the protective layer already formed during the process, which protects the plant against corrosion until commissioning
  • the shortening of the cleaning time as well as a reduction of the blowing out processes
  • the elimination of time-consuming neutralisation processes of the cleaning wastewater
  • the use of environmentally friendly chemicals
  • the reduced consumption of energy and water for the cleaning process


On the basis of the priority feed-in of electricity from renewable energy sources, the conventional installations for generating electricity from fossil fuels are faced with new challenges. In times of sinking electricity prices, on the one hand, and rising costs for fuels, on the other hand, the highly efficient gas and steam turbine power plants are hardly ever economically viable. The consequence of this are frequent and sometimes prolonged downtime periods. Coal-fired large-scale power plants have to cope with flexible load requirements and longer running times in a weak- and partial load operation. On the other hand, in the case of short-term needs, greater reserve capacities must be kept, which should be available as quickly as possible.

Also in the case of industrial boiler plants, it is possible to come to downtime due to the operating conditions. And installations of the municipal heat or power supply are taken out of service as required.

In order to protect these plants safely against corrosion during a downtime, we have developed a flexible and cost-effective conservation process.


  • Protection of the entire circuit including steam and condensate system or individual components
  • Extending the life of the components and piping systems by more than 50 % in comparison with non-treated materials
  • No time-consuming de-preservation before re-commissioning
  • Reduction of the corrosion product entry into the steam generator during putting back into service
  • Shorter re-commissioning times
  • High protection in the filled and (partially) emptied state
  • No additional dosing or additional measures are necessary
  • Preservation of the system during operation or shutdown process
hydrophobic surface after preservation

Turbine cleaning

Even in the case of use of fully deionized feedwater, deposits of chlorides, sulfates, sodium, or silicates can build up on the turbine blades. These can result in loss of efficiency and can lead to damage to the turbine.

To remove these films, the turbines are mechanically cleaned. This method can only be performed during downtime and causes high costs.

Chemical cleaning processes with acids or alkalis can lead to corrosion and embrittlement of the base material.

Using the method of turbine cleaning developed by us, the films are carefully washed off the surface without any addition of aggressive acids and the basic material is not damaged.

Cleaning can be carried out during operation or during a shutdown. The use of our process ensures effective cleaning and shortens the downtime of the system.

Turbine cleaning
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